Category: About Sughd FEZ

In addition to the special conditions of registration, preferential taxation and customs preferences FEZ subjects (residents) are provided with additional resources for business development.


The total area of FEZ - 320 hectares.

Subjects can take advantages from using production, storage and office premises, that allow significantly to reduce investor's costs.

At present there are 183.14 hectares of free land for new construction and infrastructure development on FEZ territory. The rent of free land is 1 US dollar per 1 sq.m.

Buildings and structures on the FEZ territory are not its property, and the can be rent or purchased from the owners.

All this enables the investor to choose the best site for enterprise, given the logistic facilities.

Free land rent 

1 US dollar/ 1 sq.m. per year

10 000 US dollars/1 ha per year

Ready building rent Arranged with owner
Ready building buy-out  Arranged with owner

It should be noted that the government of Tajikistan allocates funds for multistage construction of infrastructure and for recovery of existing communications every year. 

Access to electricity

2 electrical substations (potential capacity - 60 MW) on the FEZ Sughd territory can provide electrical power for all industrial needs of FEZ enterprises. Telephone and Internet access via a fiber-optic connection is available on the entire territory of Sughd FEZ.

The customs post

Due to the current regime of free customs zone on FEZ territory the import of foreign goods and their storage are free from customs duties and value added tax. The customs station of Sughd FEZ reduces significantly the time of customs procedures. Security check point of vehicles is equipped with modern accounting and control system.

Security check point of vehicles is equipped with modern accounting and control system.


Currently the project of the railway construction “Spitamen – FEZ Sughd” (22 km) is expected to be realized, which will strength the cooperation between railway logistics centers of Central Asia, Russia, China, the European Union, the Middle East, India, Iran and Afghanistan. The project in question is a part of the regional project on railway construction (140 km) reaching the largest silver deposits the Bolshoy Konimansur.

Logistics Centre

The development strategy of FEZ Sughd provides for the establishment of transport logistic center (total area 19.20 hectares) on its territory. The subjects will be provided with a wide range of logistics services (transportation, storage, packaging, customs clearance).

Business and Innovation Support Center

It is planned to establish a Business and Innovation Support Center on the territory of FEZ Sughd.

Core services:

 training services – to improve the knowledge of doing business;

 consulting services in development of investment projects;

 auditing, evaluating, accounting and legal services;

 searching for innovative technologies;

 market and scientific-technical research;

 searching for partners, consulting companies and financial institutions - to implement business ideas.